Breaking Fashion with Alternative, Punk and Gothic Decor, Apparel and Accessories

It’s critical now more than ever to express yourself, regardless of what’s considered socially or politically acceptable. It’s time to recognize that dark isn’t always evil, being offensive isn’t always intentional, and trending fashion isn’t always everyone’s style. Our original creations empower you to fight hate, spread love and celebrate diversity in the most powerful way – unrestrained.

We stray from the norm.
We are ALTstyled.

While we source and curate carefully selected products from around the world, our original collections are exclusively designed in Canada by artist and designer A. Saleem and produced with the help of our talented production partners from the international community. Each product listing specifies where they are fulfilled and shipped from (Canada, USA, Europe or Asia), as well as fulfillment times. is another Destination Creation. With over 1 Million registered users and social fans across the network, Destination Creation continues to integrate technology with artistic creativity to deliver entertainment, invoke inspiration and produce unique creations that blur the lines between virtual and tangible. Learn more about Destination Creation at the studio.